First Capital Cruises Donut Boat Ride

Donut Boat Rentals

First Donut Boats in Texas!

Capital Cruises is proud to offer “Donut Boat” rentals exclusively to Lady Bird Lake and provides the latest small group electric boat adventure for the ultimate Austin experience. The Donut Boat’s unique design allows up to ten people to casually sit around a center table, complete with a center post umbrella for shade, while you cruise Lady Bird Lake. The quiet electric motor allows you to easily chat with your friends and drives with the ease of a golf cart on the water. Never driven a boat? No problem, you’ll receive an orientation. Feel free to bring your own food and snacks (small to medium sized coolers work best), or choose from one of our plated options from the Hyatt Regency Austin. It’s fun for the “hole” family and a “Do-nut” miss it Austin adventure. Now Accepting rentals.

Both the “Donut Mess with Texas” and “Glazed and Confused” boats are 11′ in diameter and fit up to 10 passengers.
Rental Price: $100/ hour; 2 hour minimum for all reservations. Rates increase on holidays and holiday weekends; Valentine’s Day,Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day,  July 4th, Labor Day, and New Year’s Eve. Click here for holiday rentals.*

Donut Boat FAQs

How many people does a Donut Boat hold?
A Donut Boat holds up to 10 passengers.

Can people swim off the boat?
No. It is illegal to swim in Lady Bird Lake per city ordinance.

Do I need to reserve a boat or can I just show up?
Yes, reservations are recommended and require a credit card over the phone to hold the spot. On rare occasions, we can accommodate day time walk up customers.

Do the umbrellas come down for full sun exposure?
Yes, ask our staff to open or close umbrella per desired
request. It must remain either open or closed to prevent damage. Please note, windy days may require that the umbrella remain closed.

Can we stay out after dark and watch the bats?
Yes. Upon making a reservation, we will let you know what time is appropriate for watching the bat emergence.

Can more than one person drive the boat?
There will be one sole driver who will be the same person to fill out the waiver prior to departure.

Are these boats captained?
No. The renter must captain the vessel.

How fast does the boat go?
Depending on surrounding variables the boats can reach 5 mph but typical speeds are 2.5 to 4 mph. All of Lady Bird Lake is a no wake zone.

Can we fish off the boat?
No. We have canoes and kayaks available if you would like to fish. Appropriate fishing licenses are required and your responsibility to obtain.

Do you provide life jackets?
Yes. We provide both adult and youth life jackets. For kids, we recommend bringing your own if available, but we have them either way. Please note, state law requires that kids 12 years and younger wear a life jacket at all times. Lake patrol will ticket guardians if children are not in compliance.

What should we bring?
Climate appropriate clothing, towels, sunblock, food and drinks (per desire), small to medium sized cooler. Capital Cruises provides catering though the Hyatt Regency, catering packages are available with advanced reservation.

Do I need a boater’s license?
No, must be 21 years of age with a driver’s license. We will provide the appropriate orientation on where you can and cannot go as well as how to operate the boat.

Can I bring a dog/s?
Pets are not allowed, however, working service animals are always welcome.

Can we bring alcoholic beverages and food?
Yes. Texas law still prohibits operation of a boat while intoxicated (BWI), but open alcoholic containers are allowed on boats in Texas.

Can I extend my time rental duration during my reservation?
Yes, as long as you are not interfering with an existing reservation as well as having adequate battery life. If you are considering staying out longer, please talk to the rental attendant about extended rental options prior to leaving the dock.

What if the weather becomes unpleasant during my reservation?
We will do our best to keep an eye on the weather and keep you informed if we see something that might be dangerous or unpleasant. That being said, guests are expected to know weather conditions and proceed with rentals at their discretion.

Please note: Certain weather conditions can cause the need to cancel and existing reservation (ie. high wind, localized lightning, heavy rain, etc.). We will make every effort to inform you of weather cancellations with as much notice as possible, however weather changes in Texas happen quickly and we may not be able to give you more notice than at check in time.