Music and Entertainment

One of the best ways that you can take your cruise to the next level is top-notch entertainment. What better way to celebrate being in the Live Music Capital of the World than by adding one of our regular musical acts?  Please note, all acts routinely perform at other venues and in other cities.  Availability would need to be confirmed with the artists and is not guaranteed.


A fantastic four-piece mariachi band that serves as the perfect complement to the Hyatt’s famous fajitas 

  • $999.99 – Two-Hour Cruise
  • $1399.99 – Three-Hour Cruise


Gabriel Borg

Born and raised in the live music capital of the world, guitarist, singer, and songwriter Gabriel Borg has pulled influences from rock, blues, R&B, funk and alternative music. The 25 year old artist has been intensely involved in the Austin music scene and has a track record to prove it. Gabe is the front man for the rock fusion trio Bad Cacti, attempting to dissolve genre boundaries and just make good music!  He is also a guitarist for soul rock outfit Quentin and the Past Lives, and works with solo artists in the R&B scene, developing a soulful playing style from a melting pot of genres. You have an event? He’s got the music!

  • $450.00 – Two-Hour Cruise
  • $550.00 – Three-Hour Cruise

Ricky Stein


Photo by Lora Wechsler

Why extol someone’s virtues when major newspapers have already done so? “On his debut disc, Crazy Days, the singer/songwriter taps into influences such as Wilco, the White Stripes and My Morning Jacket, as well as Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones…The Austin Chronicle and Austin American-Statesman have already praised the CD. Now Stein aims to expand his reach outside of the capital.” – Mario Tarradell, Dallas Morning News – Check him out here.

  • $450.00 – Two-Hour Cruise
  • $899.00 – Two-Hour Cruise with his band the Warm Guns
  • $550.00 – Three-Hour Cruise
  • $999.00 – Three-Hour Cruise with his band the Warm Guns

The Parish Festival

Based out of Austin, Texas, The Parish Festival performs a unique blend of jazz, folk, bluegrass and pop. Well-versed in many styles; their performance consists of new original material as well as jazz and pop standards ranging from the 20’s to the present. Jim Foster (guitarist) has been entertaining and organizing musical events for Capital Cruises for several years; combining talented members of several well-respected groups around town including the Marshall Ford Swing Band, The Belleville Outfit, Thrift Set Orchestra, The Copperpots, Eric Hokkanen, John Doyle and many others. Listen to them here.  

  • $899.99 – Two-Hour Cruise
  • $999.99 – Three-Hour Cruise

Selmer’s Arch

Selmer’s Arch is a diverse project which draws upon the influences of early jazz, gypsy swing, folk, bluegrass, and progressive rock. Our repertoire consists of original compositions and interesting arrangements of some of our favorite songs. While Selmer’s Arch consists of Jim Foster and Anne-Marie Smart, we often also feature talented soloists and instrumentalists from the Austin jazz community. We are available for private events, club gigs, restaurants, and weddings.

  • $899.99 – Two-Hour Cruise
  • $999.99 – Three-Hour Cruise


Jazz up your party or cruise event with a spin doctor! Add karaoke and really get your group going!

  • Basic DJ 
    Need some tunes for your next event? Hire a DJ with over 50,000 songs and an incredible sound system!  Note: Wedding and special event DJs that require announcements/MC duties or set playlists will incur a higher cost – Please ask for details.
    • $900.00 – Two-Hour Cruise
    • $975.00 – Three-Hour Cruise
  • Disc Jockey with Karaoke
    With over 5000 Karaoke songs, 2 mics and a Professional “KJ” your party is sure to be a blast!
    • $900.00 – Two-Hour Cruise
    • $9750.00 – Three-Hour Cruise

Interactive Photo Booths


Interactive Photo Booth

Supercharge your event with an interactive photo booth from:MEITB-logo

  • Create custom screens, photo filters and messaging
  • View photos instantly and share straight from your phone
  • The Instagram-ready optimization crops photos and converts GIFs to video
  • Price: $900

Watch the photo booth in action here.

We’ve had to pleasure of hosting some great parties and bands during SxSW and  The ACL Festival. Check out this drone video footage of a local Austin band on board the Pride & Joy II vessel.