Bob R. – September 2017

17 Nov


“This was a really wonderful trip. Capital Cruises leaves from the river by the downtown Marriott in Austin on a “Bat Boat Tour”. Millions of bats live underneath one of the river bridges. At twilight, they all fly out, almost blackening the sky.

We were invited on the cruise as a part of a wedding event. The host rented an entire boat and there were probably 50 people on board. There are both upper and lower decks – the lower deck is enclosed (glass) and air-conditioned. Above, is open seating where you can either stand or watch. The cruise lasts a couple of hours during which you ride up and down the river just until twilight. Then, the bats start to come out. What a spectacle

The bats come out over a period of about 15 minutes or so. Throughout, the sky blackens and the Austin skyline lights up.

This is a must do for anyone visiting Austin. What a great adventure.” – Bob R.