Daniel T. – 2022

29 May

Private Party

I would give this place five stars purely on the basis of how easy they were to work with, how wonderful the boat was, how much fun my guests had on this party, or how amazing the experience was and how badly I wish to do it again. But I definitely had to give them five stars when they literally saved my friend’s life! About halfway through our cruise one of my friends had a medical emergency and passed out. The crew was unbelievable. They took charge of the situation, coordinated with rescue services, and performed an emergency docking that literally saved my friend’s life. He’s alive today because of the quick thinking and bravery of the crew. I was worried if they could provide me a bartender who could mix drinks. Not only did he do an amazing job running a bar but he managed to hold the boat in place for paramedics. What other company has that level of crew? Just an absolutely amazing experience (for a reasonable price!) plus the added benefit of being crewed by actual heroes. Thanks Capital Cruises!

Daniel T – Private Party 2022